Unlock the Secret to a High-Performing Team

Discover the key to a high-performing team with our captivating LEGO Team-Building events. Fostering communication, collaboration, and creativity, our bespoke experiences will revitalize your team’s dynamic and leave lasting impressions. Break free from traditional team-building activities and embrace the thrill of LEGO, where fun meets essential skill-building. Book your LEGO Team-Building event now and elevate your team’s performance and motivation.


What We Do

Former Air Force instructor and MBA accomplished owner Ron Luvisi has decades of experience in team building in San Antonio. His team building & team outing programs have been shaped by years of effective team training and will leave everyone talking, thinking, and smiling. From CEOs to interns, team members at every level will experience growth and improve communication, production, and effectiveness as a team.
Ron Luvisi Leadership Building


What We Do Best

Team building and problem solving activities are what we do best, and both can go a long way when it comes to making your team an effective unit. They can enhance communication and make it easier for members to work together. Competition between different teams has also been shown to enhance productivity and bring people closer. This can spur innovation and creativity, because individuals tend to be more imaginative around people with whom they are more comfortable.

Improve Collaboration

Our event will help team members work together by leveraging each other’s strength

Better Communication

We provide the skills to help remove barriers and improve communication

Boost Results

Teams that communicate better and have effective collaboration have powerful results

Decision Making

Assess, explore, and empower in a fun environment that helps build stronger teams

Company Culture

Strengthen bonds with shared experiences that bring people closer together in a positive and enriching way


Cultivate good leadership with opportunities that include directing and delegating in a fun and positive setting


We Have Worked With


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Enterprise Cloud Team Building



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The City of San Antonio

Teachers Team Building Event

Saint Mary Magdalen School

College Team Building Program

Texas A&M - San Antonio

Software Team Building Event

iHeart Media

Local Team Building Event

Local Community News

Enterprise Team Building


CPS Energy

Consultant Team Building

Booz Allen Hamilton


What Team Leaders Have To Say

Regina Z

“We had a great evening team building here. Ron made sure our team’s needs and objectives were met, and kept us entertained and learning the whole two hours. We have inside jokes about building legos now and still laugh about our evening. Thanks for an effective and amusing evening we will remember for a long time!”

Michael L

“… totally impressed with Ron’s leadership! The exercises he implements using the Legos were well thought out, created some great competition within the groups and really focused on “TEAM” building…  Our team truly enjoyed and appreciate the great job done by Ron and San Antonio Plastic Bricks!”


Team Building in San Antonio

At Bricks Team Building, we know that every team is different, so we discuss your team’s specific goals and needs ahead of time to craft the most effective program to meet your needs. We have Team Outing events that include instructor-led activities and plenty of time to learn and experience. We also have Team Building in San Antonio events, which delve further into team activities for even more effective team growth.
Team Outing

Team Fun

The perfect event for teams seeking designed activities to engage and enjoy.

1-2 Hours

Team building events typical last 1-2 hours, with 3-4 instructor lead activities lasting 15-30 minutes each.

90-minutes (base event)

The price above is an average that varies based on the number of people and time desired.
Team Building

Team Fun & Development

The perfect event for teams seeking designed activities to engage and enjoy.

2-4 Hours

Team building events typical last 2-4 hours, with 3-4 instructor lead activities lasting 30-60 minutes each.

Custom Pricing

The price above is an average that varies based on the number of people and time desired.


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